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Web design and Web development

Web design and Web development

Website-and-web-developmentWeb designers area unit responsible for creation and maintenance of pages among an internet site. They plan page layout and area unit usually not concerned in the a lot of technical aspects of the web. On the other hand web developers plan the location and make navigation. they’re concerned in the a lot of technical aspects of {the web|the online|the net} like fitting web hosting servers, bourgeois accounts, payment gateways and back-end databases.

The process of designing a web site or online page layout is referred as “web design”. It includes the graphical components on a page. web design provides framework for the look and feel of a web page. during web design stage a blue print is created at the side of a model of how an internet site ought to look, feel and work. This additionally involves the sort of font styling. Once web designer is aware of how the web web site ought to look, ensuing step is that the web development method.

When a web site is developed there area unit typically 2 interfaces: front and rear. web development involves the programming needed to construct the “back end” of a web web site. the back end space of the web web site isn’t seen by guests, however it will the work needed in order to present the right data in the correct format to the guests.
Database design and development also are included beneath web development. It uses dynamic scripting languages like PHP, ASP, ASP.NET and ColdFusion.

To conclude web design focuses on the looks details of data processor like layout, colors and interaction between links whereas web development focuses on the tactic of implementation, the functionality and programming of the appliance or web site.


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