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Important Tips for Keywords – SEO

Important Tips for Keywords – SEO

SEO Tips for KeywordsThere is a part in web page that is Meta data that holds the meta title, meta keywords and description. Use limited variety of keywords in your website. Some search engines like Yahoo or Bing search in them.

  • Keywords in Title Tag of page
  • Keywords enriched urls
  • Heading Tags
  • Keywords Density
  • ALT attribute of IMG Tag

Using Keywords in Title Tag of page
From the search point of view Title is that the most significant a part of a webpage. Title tells regarding the contents of a page. Contents/keywords written is additionally shown with the search results thus it would be higher to place your keywords in Title Tag.

Keywords enriched urls
Keywords enriched urls are good for SEO and facilitate to rank on the search engines. The page should have the contents almost like the keywords used in url of page.

Use of Heading Tags
It is suggested to use Heading Tags like H1, H2, H3 etc. With the keywords or headings that appears keywords for the higher ranking.

Keywords Density
One of the foremost necessary part that must beware of is density of keywords in the website. It would be higher to have the keywords density up to six for major keywords and may seem the natural written contents.

ALT attribute of IMG Tag
if the website has images, it’s higher to use keywords in alt attribute of IMG Tag that should describe concerning the image. Search engine don’t browse the contents that are used on images whereas it only read the keywords/text used in alt Tags of IMG Tag.


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