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Five important tips for New WordPress Designer

Five important tips for New WordPress Designer

WordpressWord Press is one of the popular methods that many designers prefer to use this design for their websites designing works. The stage allows you to simply organize and add your content, offers a number of other benefits. Below I am giving some important tips how you can make your designs more attractive.

Consider Your Layout Carefully

Whenever you are thinking about layout you need to think as a user not like a owner of the website. If you want to make your design more user friendly than it good to think as a visitors of the site.

Ask yourself who will be using your site and what they would like to see when they get there. Your site layout is how your Word Press site will be organized. You should determine how many side bars you will have and whether you will have vertical or horizontal site navigation.

If you are going to place advertising on the site, determine where it will go before you begin designing the theme.

Choose Your Color Scheme

There are a number of things to think about when designing a website and your color scheme is an important one. Consider what your site is about.

For instance, if your website is about baby products then you must think what color you should give. You should not think to give color like red or black for your design because baby color is blue and pink. Once you have decided on the mood for your site you will need to ensure that the colors you choose will work well jointly.

Consider Post Layout

You will likely have layout posts unless of course your site is full CMS without a blog. You need to make sure that your catalog, single and archive pages all lay posts out similarly.

Meta information about a post is important but never let your Meta information take priority over content. The title should be larger and a bit different from other posts and offer a clear division between posts so that your visitors will know when they begin reading about a new subject.

Think About Sidebar Design

Your sidebar should be designed carefully to ensure that your visitors are not overwhelmed when they see it. You do not have to use all of the widget ready sidebars on your site. In fact, less really is more.

Before adding any widgets to your site think about how it will add value to the site. If there is not value to you, leave the widget off.

Consider Your Form Layout

Good form will equal better conversion rates. Laying out forms in a simple manner will help you to increase your conversions and will increase the number of visitors who actually interact with your site. It will also help you to see more repeat visitors, which is something that all site owners are looking to accomplish. Think carefully about your form layout and ensure that all of your forms offer user friendly appeal.

Word Press does not have to be difficult to understand. In fact, this is one of the easiest platforms for website design on the market today. You simply have to take your time when designing your site to ensure that you are giving your visitors the best possible experience.


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