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Thinking Mobile Dilemma – Mobile Website vs. Mobile App

Thinking Mobile Dilemma – Mobile Website vs. Mobile App

Mobile Website vs. Mobile Appmobile-app-mobile-web


Establishing a mobile presence is the first step towards mobility and most of the organizations have taken initial steps towards it.

The companies have opted for either the Mobile websites or mobile applications or both in some cases. The underlying goal of most of the companies though was to explore the mobility space in order to draw customers’ attention and market their products and services. However, most of these companies have not been able to capitalize on this front.

This could be attributed to various reasons like lack of expertise or short falls in the strategy or user experience or content on the website etc. In most cases it is more than one reason and usually a combination of all. Research suggests various reasons including lack of User Experience and proper content, and mobile website portraying a different image as compared to company’s general image. Once looked at it on the outset it can be observed that the expectations of the users could not be met.

  • What is required for a company, Mobile websites or Mobile Apps?
  • What kinds of approaches are required to be taken up by an organization in accordance with the global mobility trends?
  • What are the challenges to be faced by a company while turning towards mobility?

These questions are answered by many companies in several ways which are all debatable. Some of them are contented with a mobile website while some have apps in the app market while some organizations have both of them.

But, the question is:

  • What kind of quantifiable results are these companies looking at?
  • What is the value addition made to their existing business?
  • What is the view point of the organizations in turning towards mobility is still to be determined, and in most cases are to be rethought.

Mobile Website


designing-a-mobile-website-headerThis is the first step in the mobile outreach strategy. Arguably, the organizations go for mobile website just to have a mobile presence but not exactly with a strategy.

The mobile website is cheaper and has its own set of advantages like

  • Immediacy
  • Easy upgrade-ability
  • Takes less time to find
  • Easy to support and sustainability

However, the implication is that the organizations are not exactly capitalizing on mobility as the potential analysis is not done by most of them and a mobile website has its own set of disadvantages. If the end goal is just to provide content to the widest possible audiences, then a Mobile website may make sense.

Mobile App

Free-Mobile-Apps-Downloads This requires a broader understanding of the scope of opportunities through mobility. A potential app will personalize the user experience and creates a kind of relationship with the user.

If the organizations think of being classified as a unique choice to their customers then app is a must. Conventionally the companies choose to develop an app but do not have the expertise to benefit out of it. This set back is viewed as a failure of the app where as the fact is it is the lack of strategy behind developing the app.

If the end goal is interactive engagement with users, then the Mobile App is a must.

Mobile application development

The advent of user-friendly smart phones has inspired many mobile users to stay connected always on internet. For businesses, there is a new channel to reckon with, which if properly utilized, is a powerful medium to connect with the worldwide customers on the go. Most of the organizations want to reach their customers instantly with their products and services, thus it becomes easier with hand held devices.

At Jadian, we develop customer-centric mobile applications for various platforms. The expertise team of mobile app developers delivers both flexible end product solution and business oriented customized solutions.


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