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Data Processes

Data ProcessesAt Jadian, we offer our clients with highly accurate and unique Data Processing Services. Data Processing involves all the steps that are required to convert data into electronic format.

At Jadian, we have an experienced team of IT and business analysts who will analyze your Data Processing require and provide you with a cost and time effective solution. Our full-fledged services cover a careful analysis of your existing system and provide time bound solution for your Data Processing requirements.

Outsourcing of non-core but sensitive and critical data processing functions to Jadian has reduced costs, increased profitability and delivered greater core value and operational excellence to our customers.

We work on both electronic and printed data.

Electronic Data

Jadian uses various conversion tools for the conversion of electronic data from its present format (in practically any spreadsheet, word processing, or desktop publishing application). We use customized in house software for the conversion of data into a usable electronic format.

Printed Data

For the data available in printed format, we use of advanced in-house scanning facilities. Our expert technical support staff scans documents or images for conversion into a digital format. We maintain an editorial staff proficient in manual data entry, as well as proofing and editing, ensuring that the data entered is accurate.

Our Data Processing Services includes:

  • OCR Conversion
  • DTP for magazines
  • Form Entry/Processes